Well, I dont know if this is the title of a book or novel but recently two gardens “caught my fancy”. It is not like I went to those gardens but I read about the events that took place in those gardens and I’m captivated to the extent that I am motivated to write about it.
Here are the two gardens and the events that took place therein;
It can be remembered as the garden created by GOD, the habitat of Adam and Eve (the first humans ever). Eden; A land flowing with milk and honey, surrounded by four rivers; Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel, Euphrates (Genesis 2:8-15)
Adam and Eve were given all they would ever need Shelter (the garden, *there was no rain and scorching sun*), Food (the tree of life and other fruits except one i.e. the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), Water (the four rivers), Pets (all the animals *there were no wild animals*), Work (taking care of the garden) and most importantly friends (God and the Angels).
Sadly, we would also remember the garden of Eden as the place where the first sets of evil occured on earth; the first lie (Genesis 3:4), first disobedient act by man (Genesis 3:6,7), the first time man knew they were naked (Genesis 3:7), the first time man was afraid of the presence of God (Genesis 3:8), the first sets of blames were traded (Genesis 3:12,13), the first ever sets of curses (Genesis 3:14-19), the first ever animal was killed (Genesis 3:21) and man was pursued out of the garden GOD created for us (Genesis 3:22-24). As a preacher said mankind lost 3 items when we left the garden of Eden;
1) The tree of Life for longetivity of life
2) The garment of Light for confidence
3) The face to face dialogue with GOD for constant communication and true friendship.
We can therefore conclude that the events at the garden of Eden ended in pain and disappointment for man and GOD and joy for satan.
This garden was planted by man unlike Eden, also there is no specific information of the topography of the garden in the bible all we know is Jesus Christ during his lifetime here on earth went there to pray.
Jesus Christ (who Paul calls the second Adam) sent to the world as a fulfilment of the promise of grace (Genesis 3:15) embedded in the first ever curses, at the closing hours of his sin-less and loving ministry went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray with the cross staring him in the face.
Jesus went to wrestle with the Father. As the weight of the sins of the world (the generations before, the present generation and the generations yet unborn) pressed upon him, Jesus prayed that if it were possible the cup be passed over him adding that GOD had the final choice (Matthew 26:39), his sweat was like blood (Luke 22:44).
In that Garden the destiny of the human race hung in the balance. Jesus crave the support of his closest friends, but they all fell asleep.
He drank the cup of woe all alone. Another being was there, the same who was at Eden, Satan the slimy old serpent. Now he tempted Jesus to abandon his mission to save the world “they are’nt worth it, none of them care, look at them all sleeping!” he said to Jesus but unlike our first parents, Jesus refused to listen to the malevolent voice, he refused to entertain doubt.
Accepting the bitter cup from his father’s hand, he went forward to calvary. Therefore, at this garden, man and GOD won and satan was defeated because God came to the rescue of man from the mess of Eden through Jesus Christ. At the garden of Gethsemane all man lost at the garden of eden, man was given the assurance that it will all be regained through faith in Jesus.
The two gardens call us to prayerful contemplation of the price of our salvation.
There we see how much was lost but also how great the grace of our wonderful Lord is.
Ellen White (a renowed christian author) urges us to carefully study and compare “the garden of Eden with its foul blot of disobedience …..with the garden of Gethsemane, where the world’s redeemer suffered superhuman agony when the sins of the whole world were rolled upon Him”.
The pleasure of the garden of Eden turned to pain but thanks to GOD, the pressure of the garden of Gethsemane was turned to victory.
In our endeavours in life, we have our periods of disappointments, failures and pain, which can be seen as our Eden experiences but we should remember that it is for this purpose that there is a Gethsemane experience a point where GOD gives us assurance that he can turn our pains, disappointments and failures into joy, appointments and success.
Turn to Jesus today he would do it again and this time in your personal Life.


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