The Unseen Watcher

It is close to a year since I last posted anything written  by me here and perhaps this is a way to say I am back, I pray I do not return to my shell any time soon.

The Unseen Watcher was written  after reading Daniel Chapter 5 and a commentary on it, I will like you to read the book of Daniel chapter 5  on your own (preferably the whole book of Daniel on your own and I am sure you will be blessed). After reading I will like your comments, thoughts and reactions on it. God bless you, Amen.

And now….


There is one who watches us though we can’t see him;

They say he sees us even when we think no one is watching;

That nothing we do, think or say goes by without his notice;

Some say its a fable, others say its true;

It is said that he even knows our thoughts and hears our voice;

That he keeps a record of all we say, think and do;

We are told there will be a time he will be seen;

That we all will be judged based on the records he has taken about us;

Some hate him, some love him while some claim they are indifferent about him;

If only we could see him now, many often say;

yet he keeps watching;

There is a book about him, it reveals who he is, why he is watching and so much more;

There is someone watching us, though we can not see him;

O! What will be your fate if this is true?


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