Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?” But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it. I wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside. Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals”. Revelation5:1-5

How did the earth get to this deteriorating condition? When God created the earth it was good so what went wrong? Most times we notice a missing link between the creation story in the Bible (Gen.1 and 2) and the fall of Man (Gen.3) but thanks to God who never leaves us clueless, Revelation chapter twelve (Rev.12:7-12) answers the question and fills the spaces.

I know at one time or the other we have watched wrestling, in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) one of the match types is the Royal Rumble where two wrestlers start the match but every 30seconds to 1 or 2minutes a new competitor will come down to pin in the bout, when Satan was sent down to the earth, this earth once an idyllic paradise became the universe’s wrestling ring. Reading  Revelation 5:1-4, we notice John weeping because no one is found worthy to open the scroll even among the wisest, strongest, bravest, talented, handsome, trained men that have lived and are living none is qualified to open the book and these occurred as a result of their showdown with Satan let us take a look at some characters:

Adam and Eve vs. Satan- The first humans to live on earth, they were perfect and living in a perfect environment when tempted of appetite with an undertone of being like God (Gen.3), Adam and Eve lost leading to lots of things;

  1. Instead of  freedom that Satan promises, we have shame which leads to moral irresponsibility (by casting blames)
  2. We see the process of God’s judgment (Investigation and Judgment)
  3. The cursing of all parties
  4. The promise of the Messiah

Cain vs. Satan- Eve thought her first born would be the one to qualify to rescue man from Satan and open the book but instead of a messiah the earth has its first murderer in Cain (Gen.4), therefore Cain lost

Noah vs. Satan- The first evangelist recorded in bible after the powerful evangelism of 120 years and the great flood sure he should qualify but remember his drinking spree and the after effect (Gen.9). Therefore Noah lost

Samson vs. Satan- Arguably the strongest man to ever live and a promise child trained from childhood in the way of the Lord, he could have won if not for his 3 buts; allergy to authority, fraternizing with the enemy and low impulse control. Samson lost

David vs. Satan- Brave and handsome, conqueror of the great troubler of Israel (Goliath), gifted musically, king chosen by God and a man after God’s heart but when it came to Bathsheba there was a problem and the same hand that wrote the psalms was used to write an order for the murder of Uriah a foreigner fighting for Israel (2Sam. 11:27). David lost

Solomon vs. Satan-Arguably the wisest man to ever live, builder of the temple, one who was given the opportunity to ask for anything from God and asked for wisdom alone but polygamy destroyed him, his wisdom turned to foolishness and he worshipped idols. Definitely Solomon lost

Name others: Abraham (the father of faith) remember Ishmael, Moses (the meekest man) remember striking the rock when told to speak to it, Isaac (the child of promise) remember the enmity between Esau and Jacob, Jacob (the one who wrestled with God) remember cheating Esau and the conflict between Joseph and his brothers, Elijah (the prophet that never saw death) remember running from Jezebel even after the great display of faith in God at mount Carmel.

So no man could conquer Satan in the earth’s royal rumble (or do you want us to consider you? don’t let us go there) hence the weeping of John but an elder (one of the 24) not an angel, not one of the four beasts/living creatures, this elder is one that had lived on earth (this includes Enoch, Elijah, Moses and those that resurrected in Matthew27:51-53) gives him hope by telling him the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Jesus) has triumphed and can open the scroll (Rev.5:5) let us examine Jesus in the wrestling ring:

Jesus vs. Satan- The battle began when Jesus was a baby hunted to be killed by Herod but he overcame, at the wilderness he was tempted thrice and he won again, at Gethsemane he won. At Calvary, when Jesus said “it is finished”, the disciples misheard and thought he said we are finished and they ran, Satan thought he said I am finished and he rejoiced but on Sunday morning, when the angel sent from heaven came tossing the stone that heavily built men put at the tomb as a pebble and called Jesus out of the tomb, Jesus removing the burial garments came out proclaiming “I am the resurrection and the life” finally Satan was defeated. The one who created Adam and Eve, the one that formed Cain in the womb of Eve, the one who told Noah about the flood before it came, the one who is stronger than Samson, the one who is braver than David and Elijah put together, the one who is wiser than Solomon, the one whose faith is stronger than that of Abraham, the one who is meeker than Moses, a child of a greater promise than Isaac came through for us- Jesus came through for us.

Imagine; you are a publisher and a book with the title A PHILOSOPHICAL , EXISTENTIAL, HISTORICAL AND ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT OF THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH: A DIACHRONIC AND SYNCHRONIC STUDY OF THE CHRIST EVENTS was brought to you to publish, the book has just 1 chapter, 1 page and 2 words, would you publish the book? I’m sure you would not. But the whole of Jesus sojourn on earth can be summarized in just two words HE WON and because he won;


In Genesis, the earth is created; In Revelation, the earth is recreated

In Genesis, the sun and moon appeared; In Revelation, the sun and moon disappeared

In Genesis, man loses his glory; In Revelation, man regains his glory

In Genesis, Eden is closed; In Revelation, the gates to the city are opened

In Genesis, Satan is victorious; In Revelation, Satan is destroyed

In Genesis, a curse is placed; In Revelation, the curse is reverted

A poem goes thus; The WORLD cannot contain him,

UNIVERSITIES cannot explain him,

CIRCUMSTANCES cannot restrain him;

PRISONS cannot detain him, BECAUSE HE WON!

PARLIAMENTS cannot unseat him,

ARMIES cannot defeat him,

PETITIONERS cannot deplete him,

LYRICISTS cannot complete him, BECAUSE HE WON!

HISTORIANS cannot erase him,

SKINHEADS cannot deface him,

ISLAM cannot displace him

POPES cannot replace him, BECAUSE HE WON!

PHILOSOPHERS cannot ignore him,

TEENAGERS cannot bore him,

TIME cannot diminish him and DEATH could not finish him, BECAUSE HE WON!

The victory Jesus claimed was not for himself but for all mankind of all generations, all races, all tribes, all colours, all genders, all ages, in respective of social status, in short the victory is for us. This victory is not just for spiritual matters only, it cuts across all other aspects of our existence, therefore no matter what comes our way BECAUSE HE WON; we also can win, we can conquer all obstacles that befall us, all we need to do is to accept Jesus Christ’s victory as ours and join in singing “Because He Lives” because he won.




WHO IS JESUS CHRIST: What the patriachs would say

Who is Jesus Christ?
Adam will tell you, He is the seed of the woman that shall bruise the serpent’s head(gen3:15)
Abraham will tell you, He is a melchizedek, king of salem(gen14:18) king of peace
Jacob will tell you; He is shiloh of the tribe of Judah
Isaiah will tell you; He is Immanuel,wonderful counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of peace(Isa7:14,9:6)
Jeremiah will tell you; He is the branch of David, the Lord our righteousness(jer23:6)
Hosea will tell you; He is the Lord God of hosts, the Lord is his memorial(hos12:5)
John the Baptist will tell you; He is the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world(jn1:29).
So who is Jesus Christ to you?